Casper Technologies Ltd. – Fortinet Universal ZTNA: Elevating Secure Access in the Hybrid Workforce Era

🔒 Secure Access Anywhere, Anytime
In the era of the hybrid workforce, secure access is non-negotiable. Our partnership with Fortinet brings you Universal Zero Trust Network Access (ZTNA), ensuring secure access to applications from any location, be it remote or in-office.

🛡️ Zero Trust: Trust, but Verify
Zero Trust is about trusting users and devices only after verification. Fortinet ZTNA achieves secure remote access with automatic verification of user and device authenticity, creating a robust network defense.

💪 Flexible and Scalable Deployment
Our unique approach integrates Universal ZTNA into the operating system, making it scalable and flexible for both cloud and on-prem deployments. Enforce ZTNA policies seamlessly for remote and on-site workers.

🌐 Features and Benefits Highlights:

  • Flexible Deployment: Enforce ZTNA policies for both remote and on-site workers.
  • Granular Access Control: Grant access to specific applications for each session.
  • Ongoing Verification: Verify user identity, device identity, and posture before granting access.
  • Unified FortiClient Agent: Enjoy VPN, ZTNA, vulnerability scanning, URL filtering, and endpoint protection with a single agent.
  • No Extra Cost: Transition from VPN to ZTNA seamlessly, as a free feature of FortiOS 7.0 and above.
  • Automatic Encrypted Tunnels: Establish TLS encryption automatically between endpoint and access proxy, ensuring traffic remains hidden.

Fortinet Universal ZTNA Use Cases:

🏡 Work from Anywhere (WFH): Enable secure and granular access to applications, improving security and the user experience—anywhere, anytime.
🔐 Risk Reduction: Ensure only authorized users and devices access applications, supported by multi-factor authentication (MFA).
☁️ Cloud Journey: Facilitate a seamless cloud journey with a ZTNA proxy, allowing applications to move between clouds without impacting the user experience.

At Casper Technologies, we’re committed to providing cutting-edge solutions for the evolving needs of the hybrid workforce. Join us in embracing secure and efficient access to applications. For more details, send us a mail at

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